Body massage with Blue Nectar Ayurveda Balalakshadi Jasmine Vitamin D Oil

Nothing relaxes your mind and body especially after having a tough week as much as a good massage does. It melts away your stress and untangles the knots, tissues, and muscles in your body. Apnd your experience turns more pleasurable when you are using a good quality massage oil. But what about an oil which also help you to absorb Vitamin D? Surprising! Isn’t it?

These days I am using Balalakshadi Jasmine Vitamin D Body Massage Oil which is from the brand Bluenectar Ayurveda.

Balalakshadi is unique Ayurvedic body massage oil has been infused with 8 Vital herbs which open pores and helps in absorption of Vitamin D. Main ingredients-
1. Bala- boost physical endurance and strength
2. Ashwagandha- also known as Indian Ginseng reduces blood sugar levels, reduce symptoms of Depression and also has anti-cancer properties.
3. Jasmine- Its aroma proves to be effective in the treatment of Insomnia and Depression, excellent in treating dry and dehydrated skin.
4. Darulhaldi- boost healthy immune system.
5. Sendha namak- stabilizes Blood Pressure, promotes sleep and reduces stress.
6. Laccifer Lacca- makes bone stronger and helps to regain natural bone mineral density.
7. Sesame oil, sunflower and almond oil are also included which make this oil most effective as a massage oil. 8. Additionally, herbs like Nagkesar and Anantmool further enhance anti-ageing and anti acne effects.

All the above mentioned ingredients along with milk aid absorption of Vitamin D and strengthening bone and joints muscles.

My experience-
Yes, this oil is very effective. It reduces my anxiety and soothe my mind. And I feel more strength in my body, less tiredness and no more joint stiffness or pain.  Its pleasant smell is very soothing. Its non- sticky and absorbing.
I would highly recommend this product. It is easily available on

Best massage experience with improving your bone health.

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