Sunday is now SONday

I am always against gender-based works. Our society wants girls to be ‘a sarva-gunn sampann’ but what about boys?

So, I decided to teach both of my kids equally the same learning. My elder daughter is always ready for mama’s help. But not my son. He’s always busy in being naughty. But this sunday with Ariel’s easy tips on wardrobe cleaning, I decided to take help from my son to organize his wardrobe. So I took the Sonday challenge.

Totally messed up.

At first, he was not getting why I am asking him to organize his wardrobe on his own. He was not getting serious as he is just 4 years old. But I explained that he’s not too young to do it because her elder sister always ready to help from that age only. Finally, he took the responsibility. Surprisingly, he was doing it nicely under my guidance. I helped him in folding clothes appropriately. When learnt, he folded all of his shirts, tees, trousers and jeans. He put all of his regular wear clothes nicely one by one. Few things I explained apart from Ariel’s easy tips that he must store most used clothes infront of the wardrobe. I advised him to keep everything he wear on a regular basis in the front of the wardrobe at eye level so it’s easy to find. As there was still some space behind folded clothes ( I have deep shelves) put out-of-season sandals/sweaters back there.

The main point I tell my son that to treat the wardrobe like a small room, not a throwaway space.

Tried his best.
Finally done. Proud moment for me.

At the end, he enjoyed whatever I asked him to do. He agreed to help me weekly and also on school holidays. He was happy after organizing his wardrobe. Thanks to Ariel, my son is learning to do household chores with me. I feel proud of him.

I request to all moms, Please give your son the same values and discipline as you are giving to your daughters. Let the boys understand that sharing the load is not to demean them but it will make them more responsible and humble towards the family.

These are the basic life skills for boys which will help them grow into confident and self-suffficient adults. Basic life skills for boys- from doing laundry to learning how to stand up for oneself – can be equally important to our son’s success.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘.

Pleass Watch This Video


  1. It is so important, imo, to include kids in daily house chores every now and then, so that they learn those skills as well. And no skill is a waste…


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