Cleaning Utensils on SOnday.

This Sunday task •Cleaning Utensils•
Sounds weird? But why??

Why not teach boys to clean the dishes? Why this work is proclaimed for girls only?
So many questions in our mind. But now lets act on it and teach our boys some household chores. So that they don’t depend on girls. Yes. You heard it right. We teach girls everything from housework to officework. But not boys.

So after teaching laundry and organizing wardrobe, I took up the Ariel’s next SOnday challenge that is – Cleaning Utensils with the help of Ariel’s easy tips and hacks.

But before proceeding to the ways of cleaning, let me share you something what I feel and experienced regarding this.

Boys who are trained properly can be a big help at washing utensils. Whether you are teaching your son to use a dishwasher or wash dishes by hand, the best way to start is with scraping and rinsing. Even three to five year olds can be taught how to scrape and rinse their plates. Five to six-year olds can help with drying and putting away dishes. By age seven, kids are ready to learn how to wash different types of dishes or load a dishwasher. Be sure to teach safety principles. Tell them to set the knives aside instead of dumping them into hot soapy water where they would be impossible to see.

Now, Lets have a look how my son took interest in cleaning utensils.

The very first and important point is that I didn’t pressurize my son to clean many dishes. I asked him to clean his dishes only in which he had lunch. In this way he will learn to do his work on his own.

Dirty dishes.

First step, I asked him to open the tap and rinse the dishes first.

Rinsing the dishes.

Then, I asked him to lightly scrub the dishes with the help of sponge and soap.

Light scrubing the dishes.

Next step was wash off all the soap to make it all clean and rinsing again with hands.

Cleaning the dishes.

The final step was to just to wipe it and put in the drawer.

Keeping in drawer after it gets dry.

Being involved in chores will give my son experience of relationship skills like communicating clearly, negotiating, cooperating and working as a team.

This is the reason, I decided to teach my son everything like I am teaching my daughter. No partiality in household work also.

I feel so happy and satisfied that my son is getting moore interest in household chores and now he eagerly waits for his turn. In the starting, he always makes tantrums and excuses but when he starts, he enjoys it. And now, I am also unworried because even if he puts stains on his clothes while washing dishes because I have Ariel which works so efficiently. Now I am not a Worried Mommy, but a Happy mommy.

Now it’s your turn. Give your son the right teaching and learning to make him responsible, helpful and independent. Try these easy tips, your little boy will definitely enjoy it.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘.

Please watch this Ariel video.


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