Gender Equality begins at home. Let’s Share The Load

I have always been a believer of gender equality and sharing the load. And we should definitely remind men in our family that doing laundry is not just a women’s task. If a woman can go out and work and earn equally as much a man then why can’t a man take part in household chores? Why women are always taken for granted?

My son is very young but thanks to Ariel’s #sharetheload campaign it made me think twice that its the right time.

Now, my son helps me in doing laundry on every Sunday Morning and also on holidays. Because its not just a point that boys should be helpful but more responsible also.

My little boy gathers all of his dirty clothes and put in washing machine. And start the machine after adding Ariel powder. This is just an simple and easy task which makes my son happy and feels so proud of himself.

I firmly believe that boys should have chores, starting at a young age and acquiring more, and more difficult chores as they grow up.

I see teaching boys laundry skills as one of my primary functions as a parent and know of no better way to do so than by doling out chores and household responsibilities.

I also believe that handing out these chores and responsibilities at young ages teaches them early on that taking care of a household and all of its endless and mundane tasks really aren’t that a big deal, but are just one of the simple parts of life, yet very important to complete.

Giving boys chores help them build up gratitude and appreciation for what we as parents do, for the things they already own, and more. It also teaches boys to work hard and keep our house cleaner.

I am very glad that Ariel has taken the initiative to bring about these changes.

Now its your turn to take the right step. Because a small change can transform the thinking of men.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘.

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