Folding Laundry, a fun task

Folding laundry. A task which we assume unnecessary to teach.

I am a firm believer in teaching kids to do  chores around the house, even when it’s easier to just do them yourself.

When Ariel’s l l fourth and last task was given that is folding laundry, I was pretty surprised  because usually we think it as unnecessary and not so important task.

We wash our clothes, organize our closet and wash the dishes but folding laundry is always gets unnoticed which takes our so much of time. Yes, definitely. Folding laundry of all the members in a family together consume much of our time and energy. Moreover, these works are inappreciable. A woman do lot of work but she neither gets a helping hand nor appreciation.

In this video, I gave my son 30 sec challenge given by Ariel as a #share the load fourth and the last task.

So from this SOnday (sunday), I made a time schedule. Before going for bath, my son will help me and her big sis in all of these tasks. My 5 year old was able to get his clothes folded quite tidily on the first try, and with a little practice he’ll get better.

I feel so proud of him. He is becoming responsible day by day, all thanks to Ariel.

In my earlier posts also, I mentioned that involving boys will not demean them but will be more responsible.

There is another important fact that I missed in my earlier posts. That giving your boys household chores can actually help them perform better at school. Experts say, “boys should be made to do more household chores so they develop a work ethic which will stop them falling behind at school.” And most importantly, they will be more empathetic and kind.

Do your boys help in household chores? If not, try to make it a fun task. Try motivating your son to help by singing the ‘clean up song.’ Music calm the senses and you will notice that they are completing all work so nicely. Yes, it works.

The other way is that, Do the “Great laundry race” with your older kid. This race and work is absolutely a great way to make boys involved in household chores specially you have naughty boys.

You can make a fun chart or reward it at once if you have promised them. Its your call, how you want to make it with your naughty boys. Your reward doesn’t have to be of the monetary kind if you wish, though. A star chart works great with younger children. Even the promise of a fun family weekend outing followed by ice-cream can also be incentive enough.

Please share your views how you teach your son to do household chores.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘.

Watch this Ariel video.


  1. Quite motivating… I have been this kind of a kid though and I would encourage parents to teach their kids to grow up understanding this responsibilities…


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