Easy Mango Milkshake

An ideal refreshing drink for the hot and humid summer season by lowering the body temperature. the recipe primarily uses fresh mangoes to get the consistency but can also be prepared with frozen and mango pulp.

Milkshakes are loved by all no matter how old they are. My all time favourite milkshake is Vanilla Milkshake, but during summer season, it has to be Mango Milkshake.

This recipe hardly takes few minutes to prepare. This is also be a healthy option for kids after school. When my kids come from school I try to give the most healthy food to them. In this summer dehydration is most common in school kids, so I prefer to give health drinks.

Total time- 5 mins

Serving- 1


1 cup mango, cube (fresh / frozen)
1 tbsp sugar
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
½ cup milk, chilled
few nuts, chopped (optional)


firstly, in a blender take 1 cup ripened mango.

also add 1 tbsp sugar and 2 scoops vanilla ice cream.

blend smooth adding ½ cup chilled milk.

finally, serve mango milkshake with ice cream topped with few chopped nuts.

Tips- 1. you can use sugar or any sweetner in the milkshake, or you can also use jaggery or honey which is totally healthy. If mangoes are ripe and very sweet then add sugar in less amount because icecream also will make it sweeter. You can also use green cardamom powder instead of icecream, it will also taste great.

Do try this and I am sure you would also enjoy with your kids. Please share your views and ideas in the comment box. Would love to hear from you.. 😊


  1. You said it right, everyone loves mango shake.
    And when it is combined with ice cream then the end result is just amazing 💕😍
    Thank you for sharing this 😊


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