Qualities of a Good Mom

It is totally normal to google about the qualities of a good mom. Yes, lets not be guilty about it. We always want to be the best mom for our kids.

And believe me… you are a good mother even if you don’t realise it.
During my pregnancy, I googled several times how to be a best mom, happy mom and fun mom.

But you know what… sometimes you need to learn also or remind yourself the qualities of a good mother because moms are also humana and they can also make mistakes. It takes a lot of time and patience.

The top qualities of a Good Mom

1. Be a good role model-
Dear mommy you are the first person your child ever knows even before they were born. So, you are first role model to them.

Kids copy and learn from their parents first. If you want them to say please and thank you, ne helpful then you need to do these things.

You need to show them and teach them how to behave. You will always be their role model.

2. Set Boundaries and Rules-
Children need boundaries to thrive. They should definitely know what they can and can’t do and when. So its important to set boundaries so that they know what to expect.

The rules should be consistent. There is no use if you keep changing them. In this way you child will be confused.

The same is also true for when you have to discipline them. Giving punishment is equally important as giving rewards. But it should not be extreme. The punishment should be gentle so that it doesn’t affect the child’s mind negatively.

3. Be Respectful-
Respect is two sided. If you want your child to show you respect then you also need to show them and give them in return. Because you are the role model to them. Kids need to learn how to show and how to give respect.

4. Be supportive and loving-
Kids need help, support, guidance and love from their parents through out their lives. Right from being a baby all the way to be grown up we all need support and love. And being a parent its our duty.

5. Be Patient-
Learning to be patient is not really tough. I understand that child will always test the rules and boundaries you have set. This is the only way they will understand what they can and what they cannot. Even something as simple as feeding themselves with a spoon can drive you to the edge of despair when it goes all over the floor again.

Let me be true, this is the one I find the hardest, patience is tough art for me.

6. Forgiveness-
Your children will make mistakes. You need to forgive them when they do wrong. They are still learning. After they have been disciplined, forgiveness should be offered with a few hugs and kisses for little ones.

Forgiveness works both ways, you too will make mistakes as a mum. But no need to be afraid to ask for child’s forgiveness. This will teach your child a valuable lesson.

That no one is perfect. Its OK to make mistakes, and that people should tbe forgiven as it’s not healthy to hold on to the negativity.

There are so many different outlooks on being a good mum. So I want your views what you think about above qaulities? What qualities make a good mom, according to you. Please share your views. Would love to hear.


  1. This was so beautifully written. But I believe there is nothing as a good mom or a bad mom. We human learn from our mistakes .. but yes it’s important to keep a check on what example we are setting for our little ones.


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