Chocolaty Immuno Boosters from Cipla.

A healthy and tasty supplement for your kids

My both kids are super active. They aged 4 and 7. And still picky eaters, so it gets difficult for me to give every nutrients in a good quantity.. I try hard that they don’t skip any meal but sometimes the portion they eat are really less according to their ages. We all know that kids fall sick so easily in seasonal changes. This is the most common stress we moms go through. Not just this, due to change in lifestyles, urbanization, increasing usage of fertilizers and pesticides there is a decline in soil and food quality.

I try to give seasonal fruits and vegetables which are organic and locally grown, but still kids also eat foods from the market that are processed. So, my whole point is that due to many reasons kids don’t enough nutrients which make them fall sick often.

But I am not worried now, because my kids are having Cipla Immuno boosters daily. ActivKids Immuno boosters by Cipla is a unique nutritional product for kids in a yummy choco-bite format that helps build immunity.

Key features-
1. It is loaded with key immunity nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C and Iron and other nutrients.

2.The key nutrient content builds immunity and protect kids from common childhood illnesses and nutritional deficiencies.

3. It has low sugar levels ensuring there is no risk of dental cavities. It has no artificial colors, preservatives and is gluten-free.

4. This immunity supplement are made as per their age requirement.
1 choco-bite daily helps kids receive up to 100 percent RDA of important immunity nutrients.

1. Provides immune strength to fight germs.
2. Helps in blood formation.
3. Helps in formation of blood cells.
4. Protects body cells from damage.

In the starting, I was giving this booster to my daughter only. Alhamdulillah she hasn’t fallen sick from last few months. So now I have started giving to my son also. Because I haven’t seen any side effects and its in a form of chocolate so they dont ask me any other chocolate from me.

I highly recommend to try this out. I am sure it will become your family favourite. If you are using any other supplement or try to avoid these kinds of products then please share below. I would love to know what you think.


  1. It is so helpful for growing kids… I am also very eager to introduce my son to immuno booster as soon as he reaches that age


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