Basic Strategies to prevent the Coronavirus Disease


Covid 19 which is also known as coronavirus. Corona word is a Latin word which means Crown. This name has been given because of its structure.

As we all are aware what is Coronavirus disease. I wanted to share some strategies to prevent this disease.

Virus has spread nearly 37 countries across the globe. We really should be doing everything to prevent the spread the covid19 virus.

Lets talk about the basics of direct contact and transmission of the virus.

  1. Handwashing– wash your hands with soap and water 20 seconds minimum. You can also use handsanitizers if soap and water is unavailable.
  2. Avoid touching your face– Virus mainly transmitted into your body through mucus membranes present in nose, mouth and eyes. So seriously avoid touching your face and teach your child too if he/she has a habit.
  3. Practice sneezing etiquette– Did you know that sneeze particles can travel a long distance. An average sneeze can travel 20 feet. So if you are a sneezer, make sure you cover your sneeze. Best scenario would be to sneeze into a tissue. If you don’t any handy tissue  available cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow. Please strictly avoid sneezing into your hands. And always throw the tissue everytime you sneeze.
  4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces- This virus can survive for several days on surfaces. Use disinfectant cleaners to decrease the number of virus particles.
  5. Avoid close contact with those who are sick– People don’t know that they are infected at an early stage because the early symptoms are just normal flu so its better to keep the distance from the sick.
  6. The gatherings with large number of people– Avoiding large crowds and public gatherings and unnecessary contact with people will keep the spread under control.
  7. If you are sick, stay at home– Yes, work from home. Not because you are infected but your immune is weak and you may get infected easily.

Please remember the only way that we are going to get through this- is to get through together. This will bring us together and show us we truly are all one. “Let’s remain calm. Let’s remain focus! Let’s use the science. That is the message here.” Brian Rose

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