Don’t overlook it moms! Don’t be bad.

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My dearest daughter

How not to be a bad mom?

We always think to be cool mom, caring mom and best mom for our kids but have we ever wondered how can we not be a bad mom?? What are the attributes of a bad mom which are often overlooked by us? Without being offensive, I am just trying to say that Mom can’t be perfect like any human. I am a mom too, we all need changes and improvements in our thinking, behavior and actions depending on circumstances.

Let’s have a look on few points and work on it because it may impact negative on children’s mental and emotional health.

  • Negligence– You love your child but not paying attention then you are neglecting your child. You need to nurture your child and without giving them enough time you can’t expect them to be a social people.
  • Physical/ emotional abuse– Both kind of abuse linger in mind and can last a lifetime. Yes it can’t be denied. Insulting your child in public, pulling hair, or any rough movement can’t be accepted. Scolding a child in private and giving warning is enough and more than that is not acceptable in any situation. This may make a barrier between a mom and child relationship forever.
  • Lack of discipline– Child must know how to behave properly. If it does any wrong, you need to make him understand that it is not acceptable. If they can differentiate the good and bad it will better for their own. It will help the child to be better person and more responsible.
  • Favourtism– If you pour out your heart to one child and neglect the other then it will definitely make you a bad mom. I read in an article once how a mom neglected her autistic child, and in another case a mom was caring about her younger child more which made the elder one unwanted. Whatever may be the reason this is the worst feeling for any child.
  • Spoiling– We can easily notice this kind traits in some moms. Pardon, but that’s true. This may look that you are being a good mom but actually you are spoiling your child. This will make out of control everytime he/she want anything. Yes. Want or Need. It is important to make your child understand what they actually need. Sometimes, it is okay to get them chocolates, shakes, junk foods or any cool toys or let them have more screen time but they should also understand limitations.
  • Over protection– A very common behaviour we can notice. At one time, even I was overprotective. Specially with my girl. When there were news full of girl rape cases, I never put my eyes off whenever I go outside, whether in parties, or shopping mall. It scared me to death even she gets a scratch. I was literally a protective mom. But changed myself alot because I realized that I need to raise my girl strong and confident who must fight on her own in every phase of her life.

Please share your point of views. Are you making any of these mistakes like me. If yes, how you changed or improved yourself.

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